Week(End) in Review: Austin Bound

July 17, 2017

Hello & happy, happy Monday!!! I spent the past few days in Austin, Texas to visit my cousins. My aunt, her maltese, my sister and I left Friday afternoon and drove back to Dallas yesterday. T'was pretty low-key and relaxing. Much needed. Though because I feel like basically all we do in there is eat--my family (myself included) is filled with food snobs--,it was anxiety-inducing on the ED front. But I felt I did a pretty good job of just living in the moment and coping with feelings of uncomfortable fullness. I also feel like I should have felt guiltier than I did for not being technically "productive." Basically, I felt guilty for not feeling guilty... Siiigh. These Kaylee problems.

In spite of this, or rather because of this, I'm sharing our adventures of the weekend through Meghan's awesome link-up that reminds me that even the things that aren't necessarily to-do list productive are still accomplishments. Family time, socialization, bonding, LIVING ≠ waste.

In chronological order, here's a high-level view of what went down:

  • Quickly posted some link lovin' prior to leaving last Friday
  • Made our way over to Austin with 0 nap for me, which is unusual, and for that I consider it an accomplishment 😉
  • Feasted at a late night Ethiopian dinner. If you've never had Ethiopian cuisine, the typical base of any meal is injera, a sour-tasting flatbread made with teff flour. They served all our food communal style over the injera on a giant platter. Our bellies and souls left feeling really, really happy. 
Even the food was smiling


Post SUP sweat faces

  • Spent the first part of the morning stand-up paddle boarding in the almost too hot summer sun
  • Went for an early lunch at Dai Due, a butcher-shop style restaurant. Aside from our individually order dishes, we got the CenTex Mezze appetizer to share. Components included: marinated carrots, pecan sweet pepper spread, beet puree, among others. 
  • Then we went for our first ice cream, err, gelato of the day. I split a small scoop with my aunt and got the fromage blanc & blueberry..
  • After a round of showers at my cousins' place, we went house hunting, something we absolutely love to do. We even joke about going to random open houses in the neighborhoods but is it a joke really...In another life, I swear we would've been a family of house flippers not chemists. Unfortunately, however, while hopping from house to house we got caught in the random storms that stayed throughout the evening. 
  • Then it was dinner time! We went to a Peruvian restaurant and I got the vegetarian platter that included all my favorites--corn, fried yucca and plantains!!! 😍

  • Second ice cream of the day, an early celebration of Sunday's National Ice Cream Day. I convinced them to try Sweet Ritual, a vegan ice cream shop that was featured on Buzzfeed's best soft serve places in the US. Due to my unfortunate almond and peanut allergies, I got a scoop of the sunflower seed butter based dark chocolate chip, which was equally delicious. 
  • Then it was time for evening games! We played Machi Koro, which we've been on a kick on for some time now. Didn't win but it was a close match towards the end. 

  • Squeezed in some homework before the rest of the clan got out of bed.
  • Got our at Whole Foods' 365 concept in Austin. There was a local bakery/beer place & juicery inside where we grabbed brunch as our final meal before heading out. 
  • FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY finished Tender is the Night, this month's book club pick that has taken me much longer than normal. Learning more and more that maybe I'm not meant for these "classic" novels.. 
  • After getting back from the road trip back home, I joined my parents for our last musical of this season: Finding Neverland! A semi-biographical story of JM Barrie and the Davies, the family that ultimately inspired the character of Peter Pan, it made me remember how much I miss being a kid and playing make believe. It's heartbreaking to come to that realization. On a positive note, the choreography and set were both stunning!  
Anyone relate to the feelings of guilty around no guilt? 🙋
Have you tried Ethiopian or Peruvian food before? 
Did you do anything fun outdoors over the weekend?

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  1. Ahh the guilty for not being guilty feelings. I get those. They're incredibly real and frustrating while at the same time being totally ridiculous and unnecessary. Argh silly brain. Injera sounds amazing, and yucca and plantains are probably two of my favorite foods right now. I found these waffles (I think the brand is called Swapples) that are make with yucca root, and they have an incredible chewy, dense texture. How was stand up paddle boarding? Sounds like such a fun weekend with your family :)

    1. Just looked those waffles up and sadly they aren't available anywhere near me :( Perhaps I can find a DIY recipe, hmmmm.
      SUP-ing was fun! Very much needed weekend despite what my brain thinks at times.

  2. I love how much you and your family loves trying different ethnical foods!! I've had Ethiopian but don't think I've ever had Peruvian. This sounds like a GREAT weekend. This is the only productivity that really matters girl.

    1. Yes! I am so glad none of us are traditionally picky eaters. And thank you for the reminder, Cora!

  3. I had Ethiopian once and it was so good. It's actually my sister's favorite, so you reminded me I need to ask her to go again. I love the bread stuff you eat with, so good.

    1. It's my sister's favorite too and her choice of restaurant while we were there!

  4. One of the great things about having a tiny human is you get to be a kid again, and that's awesome so it's not totally over.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend. Austin is such a fun city and good job on managing the ED guilt. The more you do it, the easier it will become. I promise. Practice makes better because nothing is perfect.

    1. That has been my saying of the week: practice makes progress. 😉 Thanks for the kind words Meghan.

  5. Opposite of Cora. I've had Peruvian but not Ethiopian.
    Sounds like an awesome weekend. Austin sounds like a pretty cool place to get to explore. I'd love to go down there sometime.
    I love that there's a shop entirely devoted to vegan ice cream! Glad they had a sunflower-based version for you. :)

    1. Austin is neat though I would never live there!
      AHHHH!!! You've got to get yourself some Ethiopian food!

  6. Non-to-do-list-type things absolutely can be accomplishments, too. Nobody (or hardly anybody; who knows?!) would add 'get 8 hours of sleep' to their to-do list but we all know it's necessary for our wellbeing. As is good relaxing quality time with loved ones. Your week of just this sounds perfect.
    Also: we might not be kids anymore but we can - and at least I would say: should - keep our inner child alive forever. Being quirky, not taking things as seriously at times and just laughing a bit more.

    1. Slowly realizing more & more that anything is productive, anything can be an accomplishment with the right mindset around it.
      All I need to keep my inner child forever is some faith, trust & pixie dust. 😁