Must-Reads of the Week (18) + Life Updates

December 09, 2016

And by week I mean the two past months... I've been putting this post off for some time now because there are just SO MANY wonderful links to share that I can't read or write fast enough!

But first, I wanted to share a few things.

1. I joined the recently-founded Spoon University chapter for my school as a photographer! Excited to get to continue to practice my food photography skills and get to know other foodies. Also check out our Instagram!

2. Recovery-wise, as I've mentioned in previous posts, I have felt a little stagnant. Not like I am moving backwards but definitely less engaged, less challenged. So, I have decided to start an IOP (intensive outpatient) program at a nearby eating disorder center over the holiday break. Surprisingly, I am not feeling all too anxious about it. It feels...right? Will keep you updated!

Time for all the good links. Because I have a lot to share (plus honestly out of my own laziness), rather than explain as I usually do, I'll keep it short and just add a little blip! Read on, friends, read on.

If you just want things to ponder...

Remember That Your College Experience Is About More Than Just Graduating
Clarifying the Meaning of Mindfulness -- being present doesn't have to mean fighting with your mind!
Simple Ways to Fit Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life -- on a related note to ^^^
Fuck-That Lists -- instead of new year's resolutions perhaps? hmmm..

If you are struggling with your body-image... 

Why I Don't Love My Body Today -- self-love doesn't happen all the time & that's okay
Hummasapien's Confessions of a Dietician -- love Alexis' honesty into the dietician & blogger world
How Body Shaming Affects Those We Love
A Feeling Better Than Beautiful c/o Soul Anatomy -- you are more than what you look like!

If you feel like cooking good eats (some recipes I've tried recently)...

Sweet Potato & Brussels Gratin -- Fall Produce FTW!
Apple Rye Muffins -- didn't have any eggs on-hand at the time so I veganized it with a hemp egg (<<< YES it apparently works just like flax!)
Black Bean Enfrijoladas -- when you find a recipe & realize you have those ingredients already sitting in your kitchen
Prune, Pistachio, Fig & Oat Bars -- yes x 4!!!
Chickpea & Almond Flour Tart -- fill with seriously anything. Best for leftover roasted veggies!

If you need a pick-me-up or distraction from finals... 

Are you an old person trapped in a young person's body?  -- was this even in question for me... (One of the many Buzzfeed quizzes that have distracted my studying)
Puh-retty cool recreation of old photos
Buzzfeed's Interview with Priyanka Chopra -- Though her character on Quantico irritates me, she's an awesome actress! (Srsly Buzzfeed is the best way to procrastinate)
Americans Trying Filipino Food -- this is why Filipino food has a bad reputation. Adorable nonetheless!
Pep Talk Generator

What's your view on mindfulness? 
How do you like to procrastinate? 
Read, cooked, watched or listened to anything good lately? Send the links my way! 

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  1. Wow, good for you for such awareness on where you are in recovery. It sounds kind of similar to me... like I'm not slipping but I'm definitely at a bit of a lull. But I'm kind of choosing to not put much thought into it and just carry on. Which is not really good, and you are being much more proactive than I am. Let me know how it goes... and send me an email any time you need to get anything out.
    Mindfulness is definitely something that people assume means you have to calm your thoughts and be all "zen", when really I think it just literally means being AWARE of your thoughts (its amazing how many of us aren't even aware of what are thoughts are). However that means that it may not necessary "help" in the moment, but rather is a long term practice that will help in many less immediate ways.

    1. I definitely struggle with finding that sweet spot between being too busy to care about recovery and being not busy enough to the point that my ED thoughts swarm over.

      Thank you so much for the support btw! I'd love to know who this is so we can chat.