Week In Review: Selfies, Self-Care & Moods

November 14, 2016

This quote reflected my week. I am feeling good at the moment. Calm, thankful, present for once. There were definitely times though when I felt completely frustrated, overwhelmed, on the brink of tears. So I cried. I let myself cry. But I no longer am crying. The storm has passed by. This is a reminder for all (including myself) that thoughts are fleeting. Feelings are fleeting. There may be more storms to come but for now I am appreciating the weather as is whatever it may be.

Considering the amount of stress I felt this week, I definitely made time for me. In fact, there was a lot of things I did to take care of myself, which honestly is probably what I need to do most when I am freaking out. So I'm feeling accomplished already. Here's another Week in Review (Thanks Meghan!) for ya. Please forgive the randomness of this title. I guess that's pretty much how my moods have felt--random. Have a happy week, friends!

  • Took not one but TWO selfies last week, something I rarely ever do. Why do we equate selfies with being vain? Sometimes, a good picture & a smile is just what you need to cheer up. That's not necessarily egotistic; it can be simply self-care.
  • Made falafel & couscous tabouleh for our cooking club meeting one evening. As sad as it is that it was our last cooking event of the semester, I am glad the stress from that is over for now.

  • Harvested a buttload of basil from the community garden. Time for all the pesto ever!
  • Attended an Excel workshop and improved my VLOOKUP skills
  • Finished reading my for fun book--Empire of Storms. This was a good, long read. (AND SARAH MAAS IS AMAZING)

  • Went out on a date with my sister last Friday. Indian food & Avenue Q made for a much-needed relaxed evening. I tried something new & ordered this veggie bread mash thing called kothu parotta. 
  • Also, she, her boyfriend & I won taboo against my parents & aunt! Millennials FTW. 

  • Made persimmon jam out of hachiya persimmons. FYI, these taste disgusting plain... Fuyu all the way! 
  • Subsequently cut myself while chopping the frozen fruit.... twice.... Sad looking, I know, but at least I was able to make do with what I had (i.e. cotton & tape)
  • Left my weekend's to-do list unfinished, which isn't something most people are proud of, but it's something I need to learn to be okay with, without feeling like I've somehow failed.  

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  1. Falafel and couscous tabouleh sounds like a delicious combo!

    1. Only thing missing was some feta cheese! YUM

  2. Ouch, your poor finger. At least you have some good eats to cheer you up, like pesto. One of my favorites. I try to harvest basil every year and then make and freeze a big batch of pesto because it makes everything better.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. That's what I plan to do with the basil too! Pesto for daaaays.
      Thanks for hosting as usual! :)

  3. You've got the best spirit, girl. Rock on with those selfies!

    1. Thanks, Cora though I definitely don't feel that way most of the time!